As an educator I am committed to an inclusive and participatory classroom in which I encourage students to relate concepts to real-world political, social and economic issues, challenge preconceived notions, and question injustice in order to become engaged global citizens. My teaching interests include comparative politics, international relations, international institutions, comparative and international political economy, Middle East politics, research methods, global migration, and refugees. 

Master of Global Affairs, Rice University

Course Instructor         Contemporary Issues in the Middle East (graduate, Fall 2020)

Advisor                           Daniella Moore, "Implementing Shalom/Salem: The Case for a One                                             State Solution” (Spring 2020)

Department of Political Science, Rice University

Guest lecturer               Middle East Politics (undergraduate, Winter 2020

                                         International Relations (undergraduate, Spring 2020)

Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

Instructor                       Migration, Immigration and Displacement in the Middle East 

                                         and North Africa ​(undergraduate, Spring 2018)


                                         Introduction to International Politics (undergraduate, Spring 2019)

Guest lecturer               Migration (graduate, Fall 2018)

Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, American University in Cairo

Instructor                       European Border Externalization and the Transformation of Middle                                             East and North African Host States (short course, Winter 2019)



Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, Loyola Marymount University


Guest lecturer                International Relations (undergraduate, Fall 2015)


School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine


Teaching assistant        Media Writing (undergraduate, Spring 2016 and 2017)       

                                         Mass Media & Politics (undergraduate, Winter 2016)

                                         Race, Ethnicity & Nationalism (undergraduate, Fall 2015)

                                         Social Problems (undergraduate, Spring 2013)

                                         Probability and Statistics II (undergraduate, Winter 2012) 

My students at the American University in Cairo.

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